Official trailer set to release 8pm August 24th 

For Immediate Release: 

Official trailer set to release 8pm August 24th 

Noube Productions is proud to announce its latest production, “I am You”, a full-length documentary that will delve into the timely issue of immigration in the United States. The film will feature passionate viewpoints from a variety of people with different life experiences. 

The opinions on this topic range from Dreamers , Angel Parents, First-Generation and Americans born families. Carlito Weaver (Brockton) , Agnes Gibboney (Rancho Cucamonga), Erick Hernandez (Lynn) and others all share their powerful stories dealing with the immigration system. The goal of the documentary is to acknowledge the problems, bridge differences and understand each perspective.

“Like all Noube Production features, this is a labor of love.” Said Director Noube Rateau.

“Completion of a film like this takes a lot of time and energy which we are more than willing to give. However, it also takes funds. We’ll be traveling across the country to gather different outlooks on this issue and want to make sure we have the resources to tell this story. For anyone who could participate in our upcoming fundraiser, we’d greatly appreciate it.”

This project is currently in production under the guidance of Directors Noube Rateau and William Medero. If you’d like to contribute to the completion of this project.

A virtual fundraiser will be held on facebook on August 24th from 10am – 10pm. The official trailer for the film will be released that same day at 8pm.

*This project has been funded in part by the Brockton & Lynn Cultural Council