Noube Productions Fundrasier October 1st, 2014



The next Noube Production documentary will tackle the relationship between sports and the urban environment and how the connection has shaped the lives of many athletes . Often times in the inner city, sports may be seen as the only option for success.

Our goal is to first understand the passion for sports in the inner city and the importance of having pride in local athletics. We will investigate the social, economic, and cultural reasons as to why local athletes may choose a different crossroad that may impact their lives in a more negative or maybe positive fashion. Interviews will include coaches, players, journalist, and celebrities on decisions and turns athletes made that impacted their lives going forward.

Many athletes come from a broken homes and negative surroundings but become success stories, while others spiral into drugs, guns, and eventually prison, why? This documentary will be a national eye opener to the local and national sports scene and will be used as a educational tool.