I Am You


The Emmy Award Winning Noube Productions is proud to announce their new documentary “I am you” Immigration in America. This new documentary will focus on the symptoms, problems, & solutions to the United States immigration system.

The film will take an objective look at all perspectives of immigration . It will follow families and individuals that are going through struggles and tell their success stories.

Noube Productions will travel the country from the rural suburbs to urban America to speak with lawmakers and politicians from various viewpoints and investigate high profile immigration cases.

Noube Productions is looking for individuals who are willing to tell their stories. If interested,  please contact us.



Media Workshop Headshots

Noube Productions Media Workshop

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Saturday, February 8th 2020

The Emmy Award winning Noube Productions in collaboration with the Brockton Area NAACP and Bridgewater State University is hosting a media workshop at the Brockton Public Library on February 8th.

The target audience is high school / college students with a goal toward identifying essential resources and strategies to secure opportunities leading to a career in the field of media.

The program will consist of a panel presentation hosted by five industry professionals within various fields of media. Each panelist will address a specific expertise in the fields of reporting, editing, videography, producing and acting. Following the presentation, we will provide an opportunity to engage in one-on-one conversations with these professionals further enhancing the networking skills of the college students. In addition, local public access stations will be present to offer internship and job shadow opportunities. As an incentive, a professional photographer will be present to provide headshots for professional use.