Next Stop: Philadelphia Urban Suburban Film Festival

The Urban Suburban Film Festival (USFF) was created to bring together artists who have a passion for film making, and seek to find an opportunity to showcase, and distribute their film. The USFF will also provide an opportunity for the businesses associated with the organization, to collaborate with talented individuals, and increase their involvement in the community.

The USFF will host a festival showcase that will involve film screenings, workshops, and panel discussions. The three day event will highlight screenings from narratives, documentaries, animation, and short films. Each artist will be recognized for their work, and give a brief synopsis of why their film was made. The workshops are intended to bring together the emerging artist and industry professional, with instructions, direction, and quick tips to enhance their craft. This event will also provide an atmosphere for individuals to network, and collaborate with each other on future projects. Aspiring entrepreneurs, industry professionals, community businesses & organizations, local dignitaries, and emerging film makers will be in attendance for this upcoming gala.

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